CT Windproof Cycling Face Mask

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Wherever you go with your bike, your face is safe from strong winds, nasty bugs, and whatever things hit your face!


Problems covering your face while cycling? That's a very common problem especially on some seasons like summer or winter. Things get all over your face or the sun's rays is really hot. Stop enduring and keep your head safe with this Cycling Face Mask. It covers your whole face but keeps you comfortable and cool at the same time!

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Cold Outside?

"When it's really freezing outside, I hated going out and cycling but with this mask, I don't have to worry anymore. I just wear it then head out like it's another regular day! I've never been this satisfied ever!"

- Shannon O., Cycling Enthusiast


Ultimate Comfort

"The mask is so comfortable and breathable, it feels like I'm not wearing anything at all! Now I won't have to worry about anything getting on my face PLUS, I'm comfortable having it on too. It's just the best mask I've ever gotten"

- Tray M., Cyclist & Travel Blogger


Breathable Design

"I always hated wearing masks because it's hard to breathe in. The design of this mask really impressed me a lot because the air passes through great and I don't experience any difficulty breathing even when it gets damp. Truly recommended for any cyclist."

- Kyle A., Engineer & Cyclist